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Our History

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Looking ahead to the future -
always remembering who we are
and where we came from.

Every great story has a beginning. This one started with the simple idea of bringing smiles and comfort to positively impact the lives of those less fortunate.

Stepping stones can be made out of stumbling blocks...  Never losing sight of our purpose, we’ve improved and grown.

We’ve always been in the business of doing our best for those who need and deserve our assistance and to be more than a foundation in order to make people happy.

This is our story

American Outreach Foundation (AOF) commences operations as a 501c3 non-profit organization to:

  • Assist those who suffer from any kind of impairment

  • Establish itself as a compassionate public service

  • Make people happy.

AOF provides durable medical equipment (DME) to the disabled population (veterans, low-income families and seniors) when their voices most need to be heard.

Make a Pledge to American Outreach Foundation
Make a Pledge to American Outreach Foundation

Laura - Palm Desert


American Outreach Foundation opens its fundraising store, “It’s Your Name! Gift Shop,” in Palm Desert, California, operated solely by volunteers and with 100% of the proceeds applied to its programs.

Make a Pledge to American Outreach Foundation

American Outreach Foundation Store - Palm Desert, California

Capital Fund Campaign for American Outreach Foundation

Desert Jamboree through the years - Remembering friends - BB Ingle, Kal David & Trini Lopez


American Outreach Foundation introduces the “Get Out of the Room” program, providing mobility devices to seniors in local nursing and retirement homes.

The program offers residents an opportunity to remain active and entertained.

Recipients who may have no outside visitors can rekindle their social interactions by visiting neighbors, breathing fresh air, and simply exiting their rooms for a “walk on wheels,” if only for a brief time.

Capital Fund Campaign for American Outreach Foundation

 The Red Traveler


American Outreach Foundation launches the Learning Disability Assistance Program (LDAP), providing adjustable slant boards designed for occupational therapists working with children with learning disabilities.

A child with learning disabilities may have difficulty concentrating and making choices.

The specially-designed slant boards promote focus and decision-making by capturing the learner’s attention and connecting them to everyday activities in which they previously held little interest.

Capital Fund Campaign for American Outreach Foundation

Child in a Coachella classroom and homeschooled in Indio

Make a Pledge to American Outreach Foundation

Piers & Gino playing a track of history at Thunderbird CC, Rancho Mirage

Potissimum, Homines Facimus Beatos

American Outreach Foundation releases its emblem on the occasion of its fifth American Outreach Golf Invitational.

The simple Latin phrase, “Potissimum, Homines Facimus Beatos” highlights American Outreach Foundation’s motto, “Above All, We Make People Happy.”

Donate to American Outreach Foundation
Donate to American Outreach Foundation

Marine Major General Mullen, Joy Dunlevie BD Airport , Governor Tom Ridge, Vietnam Veteran Frank Johnson, Victoria Llort Senior VP AOF


American Outreach Foundation advocates the State of California to officially recognize the electric or manual wheelchair as an extension of the body of the person in it. Further, it requests that the State distinguish wheelchair pedestrians from pedestrians on traffic incident forms used by police and sheriffs, thus capturing the real number of wheelchair pedestrian victims.

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American Car Show through the years - Bermuda Dunes Airport


Today, American Outreach Foundation is the only organization in the Coachella Valley and surrounding area that provides critical, vital services to those less fortunate who face mobility impairments.

Since 2007, AOF has assisted this community by providing over $4.5 million worth of electric wheelchairs/scooters at no cost to the recipient.

In this period AOF has made over 180 maintenance service calls. AOF donates about 100 electric wheelchairs and/or parts per year.

Donate to American Outreach Foundation

George, Desert Hot Springs

Donate to American Outreach Foundation

American Outreach Foundation introduces a new work initiative - TWT - Transitional  Workforce Training; a vocational manufacturing center for youth aging out of the foster care system.

Donate to the Seed Capital Funding TWT

TWT to help the youth aging out of the foster care system

More Than A Foundation®; We Make People Happy!

Walter, Robert, Toya and Merv

Giving is Part of a Happy Life!

Get involved - Whether just for today, a year or every year, with your support, we are transforming lives and building brighter futures!

To learn more about the TWT Initiative

TWT - Introductory Packet



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