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The Amazing Ways You Can Help TWT Center!

Make a Pledge to American Outreach Foundation

A Village Can Move a Mountain…
Too Ambitious? We Think Not!
We All Aspire to Change the World

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

We need your help! Join us today and be inspired.  You - our reader - are the vital missing part of TWT’s equation.
Giving is more than doing good. It’s about making an impact and being truly humbled by the result.
Here's How to Help TWT

Together, we can give youth exiting foster care a real shot at expanding their future to brighter possibilities.

If TWT Center Does Resonate with You, Here’s How You Can Help:
  • Join TWT’s family of major donors with a substantial gift to kick-start the first phase of the TWT project. Your generous contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of many people who need transitional workforce training.

  • Additionally, you can donate stocks or mutual funds (with valuable tax benefits to you if they have appreciated). This is a smart and easy way to support TWT Center without affecting your cash flow or portfolio balance.

  • Furthermore, you can refer/introduce TWT to acquaintances, potential benefactors, or corporate/partner organizations. Your personal endorsement and connection will help us expand our network and reach more potential supporters and partners.

  • Alternatively, you can host a home fundraising cocktail party and invite your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues to learn more about TWT Center and its impact. This is a fun and social way to raise awareness and funds for our cause.

Here's How to Help TWT
  • Another way you can help is by making a meaningful donation to help finance TWT’s marketing campaign. Your donation will help us spread the word about our programs and services and attract more clients and donors.

Here's How to Help TWT
  • You can also become a monthly sponsor with an ongoing direct online cash donation through our secure donation page. Your recurring donation will provide us with a steady and reliable source of income that will enable us to plan ahead and budget effectively.

  • Moreover, you can include TWT Center in your will, trust, or other estate plan and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Your planned gift will ensure that TWT Center can continue its work for many years to come.

  • You can also ask your employer to match your donation and double or triple your impact. Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage their employees to support charitable causes. If your employer does not have a matching gift program, you can invite them to start one and support TWT Center.

  • Additionally, you can make a tribute gift in honor or memory of someone special and celebrate their life and values. We will notify the honoree or their family of your tribute gift and send you a personalized card or certificate.

  • Finally, you can donate non-cash items such as vehicles or real estate property to TWT Center and receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of your donation. We accept cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and more. We also accept land, houses, condos, commercial properties, and more. You can donate online or contact us for more information.

These are just some of the ways you can help TWT Center achieve its mission and vision. Your generous support will strengthen our programs and services. Please contact us today to make a donation. Thank you, your contribution is vital to our mission.

Online or In Person, Donating Time & Talent Is Vital at Any Level!
  • You can inspire your employer and coworkers through corporate social responsibility and matching funds. Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage their employees to support charitable causes. If your employer does not have a matching gift program, you can invite them to start one and support TWT Center.

  • Additionally, you can volunteer on a TWT committee with your executive, marketing, industrial, or manufacturing background. Your professional skills and experience will help us improve our operations and strategies.

  • Furthermore, you can share your ideas and expertise with us. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on the different marketing, HR, and managerial aspects of a vocational manufacturing center.

Here's How to Help TWT
  • Alternatively, you can start a TWT Women’s Group and connect with other women who share your passion and vision for TWT Center. You can organize events, activities, or campaigns to raise awareness and funds for our cause.

  • Another way you can help is by becoming a TWT advocate on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Tiktok, YouTube, etc. You can follow us, like us, comment on our posts, share our stories, tag us in your posts, and invite your friends to join our online community.

  • You can also start a Facebook fundraiser for TWT and invite your Facebook friends to donate to our cause. You can set a goal, choose a duration, and add a personal message to explain why you support TWT Center.

Here's How to Help TWT
  • Moreover, you can share your graphic design skills with us and help us create appealing and effective visuals for our website, social media, newsletters, flyers, logo, etc. Your creative talent will help us communicate our message and brand more clearly and attractively.

  • You can also launch TWT in the gaming world and introduce our cause to a new and diverse audience. You can create or join a gaming team for TWT, stream your gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or host a gaming tournament or marathon for TWT.

  • Finally, you can start or join a peer-to-peer fundraising team for TWT and challenge yourself and others to raise funds for our cause. You can choose an activity that you enjoy or that challenges you, such as running, biking, hiking, baking, knitting, etc., and ask your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues to sponsor you.

These are just some of the ways you can donate your time and talent to TWT Center. We need you. You have the power to change lives. Contact us today and sign up as a volunteer. Thank you for your valuable support.

Bring Your Talents and Expertise: Share Your Passion and Knowledge, and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life with TWT Center!
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