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“Break the Pattern,

Empower the Young.”

Oscar Llort
President & Founder
Vocational Manufacturing
Siri, Tell Me: What’s the Fate of Foster Youth After Leaving the System?

In the US each year, approximately 23,000 young people between the ages of 18-21 age out of the foster care system - most of them under-educated and unqualified for jobs.

Statistics show that young people who age out of foster care without family support have increased rates of incarceration, unwanted pregnancies, and homelessness, are less likely to attend college, and struggle to find employment.

These youth are expected to make it on their own as independent adults!

If these facts don’t sit right with you either, read on to learn more about an exciting new opportunity to expand your philanthropic outreach and partner with TWT Center to tackle this critically important issue.

Don’t Let Foster Youth Fall Through the Cracks! They Need and Deserve Our Support!

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